Who is Responsible Here?


Somewhere their wires got crossed.  My husband insists he told them he wanted to pick up the green beans at noon.  And I believe him.  He is the most efficient man (no person) I have ever known. When he arrived, the restaurant was closed.  He was stressed and wasn’t happy with them. We had eleven people coming for dinner in half an hour.  Keep reading there’s a happy ending.

If this had happened to me I would have begin thinking, “I must have told them wrong.  I probably gave them the wrong time.  I should have checked to be sure they were going to be open that day.”  And on and on I’d go trying to figure out how I messed up.

See men and women often react differently to situations.  Most men look at the circumstances.  Women blame themselves.  Your husband might wonder why in the world you would take on the responsibility for something when it’s clearly someone else’s fault.  You, on the other hand, may be thinking, “Well I could have made a mistake.”  While you may be aware of these different gender patterns, it’s always easy to go to our default and react in our most familiar ways.

Well, I promised you a happy ending.  My husband called a few minutes later. Don’t worry, “The restaurant is now open.” He had gotten there a little too early.   I told you he was efficient!



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