Premarital Resources

Singles, seriously dating, & engaged

HOW TO AVOID FALLING FOR A JERK OR JERKETTE: In this program, singles can learn how to follow one’s heart without losing one’s mind. It teaches five basic principles for a successful marriage, based on trust, reliability, commitment, physical involvement and knowing a person’s family background. Dr. Van Epp, author of this program, says, “Much, if not all, of what a person will be like in marriage can be clearly predicted during dating. MERCY offers this program periodically. This course is also available online at

PREPARE/ENRICH: MERCY offers pre-marital education to couples using the internationally recognized program PREPARE/ENRICH. This consists of couples taking an online relationship assessment that will identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of their pre-marital relationship. Once the online assessment is completed, couples meet with a trained lay mentor couple who will work with them on the feedback from their assessment and help them work on relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution, partner styles, relationship roles, etc. The cost to take the online assessment is $35. Their mentor meets with YOU between six-eight two-hour sessions. For additional information, refer to or contact us at MERCY.

ENGAGED ENCOUNTER: Louisville Catholic Engaged Encounter – This is a quality, highly effective marriage preparation weekend retreat. When there is a reference to faith or religion, they will be from a Roman Catholic perspective. However, if you or your fiance’ is not of the Catholic faith tradition, they will not try to convert you. For additional information, visit:

F.O.C.C.U.S. (Facilitating Open Couple Communication and Study) PRE-MARITAL EDUCATION – Have more than a beautiful wedding; receive the tools to a beautiful marriage. F.O.C.C.U.S. IS ANOTHER inventory for couples who are considering marriage. This instrument helps to identify a couple’s areas of strengths and growth potential in their relationship, as well as an opportunity to explore practical issues such as family heritage, finances, communication, problem-solving techniques and commitment. To learn ,ore about F.O.C.C.U.S. go to For additional information, please contact us at MERCY.