Marriage Crisis Resources

For Troubled Marriages:

Retrouvaille – Is Your Marriage Tearing You Apart? Retrouvaille is a lifeline for Troubled Marriages. If there is little or no meaningful communication, if you are considering separation or divorce, if you are experiencing disillusionment  and anger we believe Retrouvaille can help. Retrouvaille consists of a weekend experience and a series of 12 presentations offered within the three months following the weekend phase. For additional information, visit their website at or call 1-800-470-2230. Please note that Retrouvaille is an international program so there are weekend events in many locations.

Marriage 911:First Response – This program has been used for years to help people who are struggling in their marriage learn healthy and productive ways to deal with their difficult circumstances. This Christian-based, 12-week program helps you to place your focus and energy into areas that can first help you remain/become healthy and whole in the midst of a crisis, and commonly becomes the foundational keys to turning around a troubled marriage. It consists of a workbook that you work along side with a support partner. For more information, contact us at, call (502) 939-0121, or visit

Marriage Helper: If your relationship is in trouble and you feel like hope is gone, please check out this program. The pain of divorce reaches deep into a family and often affects future generations, but this program has helped 3 out of 4 marriages, even if one spouse doesn’t want to save the relationship. They have been very successful at rescuing marriages that have been devastated by affairs. In fact, about 60 percent of the couples who come to this seminar are there because of the injury and hopelessness of an affair. For more information visit their web site at: or call 1-866-903-0990 or 615-472-1161.

Marriage Restored: Marriage Restored is a program for couples who have experienced adultery, addiction, pornography, separation or other marriage-threatening circumstances. This is a work weekend; a time for couples to work one-on-one on their issues, in private. Couples will have complete focus on their marriage relationship and their spouse. Cost: $75 registration fee (includes lodging and meals) Check their web site for future dates. Questions? Go to, call: 877-844-2262, or email:

Hope Restored – Focus on the Family: The Hope Restored team consists of a dedicated group of individuals, many whom formerly worked at the Gary Smalley’s Smalley Relationship Center. These individuals have a wide variety of training and experience with one single passion: to make an eternal difference in the lives of couples The group at Hope Restored continues to recognize the impact and potential of the Intensive Programs that were designed to help couples in crisis. Each week they see couple’s relationships restored through their Marriage Intensive programs and Couples Intensive programs. Couples from all over the country attend these two and four-day intensives with marriage experts in three different retreat centers in three different states. About 70% of these couples are in crisis and very near divorce. Nevertheless, the vast majority of these couples attending the intensive stay together and are more satisfied. For more information on these program, please visit: or call: 866-875-2915

Re-Generation: is a relatively new program for couples in crisis, sponsored by Jeff and Debby McElroy with Forever Families to provide help for marriage in desperation. Jeff and Debby have a heart for marriage like few others, so if you, or someone you know, is struggling, please check out the website at: or call (865-769-2611) or email:

Marriage Dynamics – New Beginnings Are you in a troubled marriage? Do you wonder if your marriage can be saved? Are you currently separated or divorced? Are you trying to recover from an affair or other major hurt? Or are you trying to decide whether to even stay together. For help and restoration for marriages in crisis visit, visit: or or call 800-650-9995 or 615-627-0751.

Dr. Jim Talley – For help in Reconciling Differences: Dr. Talley offers telephone consulting. Please visit his web site for details and fee rates at, or call (405)-822-8300.

A Stander’s Affirmation – “Standers” is a ministry for those who are standing alone for the healing of their marriages. This program is offered through “Rejoice Marriage Ministries – A Spiritual Trauma Center for Hurting Marriages.” It is for both men and women. If you, or someone you know, is fighting alone for their marriage, please check out their web site at

Beyond Affairs: Prevention and Recovery: Anne and Brian Bercht are affair recovery experts. They specialize in helping couples and individuals affected by infidelity restore their lives – and get from broken to healthy and whole again. They offer a comprehensive library
of information on surviving infidelity and recovering from an affair. For more information, visit: or call in USA:
360-306-3367 or email:

Sexual Addictions:

Internet pornography is a battle that is growing. This battle carries over into marriage and puts extreme burdens on the relationship. Even if you’re not currently struggling with sexual lust or addiction, you need to protect yourself from future temptation. Here are some resources that can help one break free from the bondage of pornography and win the battle.

Wives of Sex Addicts (ARC for Wives)
: This group meets to offer support, encouragement, prayer, and Scriptural foundations for women who are coping with husbands who are sex addicts. For information about the group and when we meet, email, or call (502) 253-8409.

  • Mission: To provide a safe place for wives of sex addicts where they find hope, can develop relationships with others, grow in their walk with the Lord, and provide encouragement through their life experiences.
  • Purpose: To provide ongoing support through Scripture, prayer, and encouragement.
  • Vision: To equip women to find their peace through Christ, and through the support and experiences of others in the same situation. This is a highly confidential group where you may come to share your experiences, seek help, or find that you are not alone.
  • Our Life Verse: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:1

Family & Friends Group: This support group provides Christ-centered love, hope, support, and understanding to families and friends of those struggling with homosexuality. The Family & Friends support group is a safe place for confidential sharing and encouragement. We endeavor to educate and equip parents, family members, and friends on how to respond to homosexuality with unconditional love and reaffirm the redemption that can be found by all in Jesus Christ.  Southeast Christian Church, (502) 253-8400.

Fact: Today, an estimated one out of four households is somehow touched by homosexuality. (Taken from When a Loved One Says, “I’m Gay,” written by Bob Davies 2002, Focus on the Family) For more information, call 253-8411 or email us at

Journey to Freedom – Women’s Group:  This is for all women desiring freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction.  This includes those who have found themselves in emotional enmeshment, thoughts of attraction but have never acted out, to those who have lived in the lesbian lifestyle.  Southeast Christian Church.  Call 502-253-8400 or email  to join us on the journey to freedom.