Pre-marital Education

MERCY offers pre-marital education to couples using the internationally recognized program PREPARE/ENRICH. This consists of couples taking an online relationship assessment that will identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of their pre-marital relationship. Once the online assessment is completed, couples meet with a trained lay mentor couple who will work with them on the feedback from their assessment and help them work on relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution, partner styles, relationship roles, etc.

The cost to take the online assessment is $35. Their mentor meets with them between six-eight two-hour sessions. For additional information, refer to or call (502) 939-0121 or email us at


Hello, I wanted to know if you offer pre-marital education in Lexington KY? If so do you know any churches that are currently offering it? Thank you

Penny Hudson

I personally don’t know of any churches in Lexington, KY that offers pre-marital education, however,
First Baptist Church in Richmond, KY offers it. I do know Bob Ross, who is a marriage and family therapist, with Anchor Counseling, in Lexington, KY offers pre-marital education. You would need to talk with him about his services and fees. Also, if you will go to the PREPARE/ENRICH and FOCCUS web sites and enter locations that offer their programs they should be able to tell you which churches/facilitators/counselors, etc. may be available in Lexington. I hope this helps. Grace and peace, Penny

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