Prayer – A significant bonder

shutterstock_3094774 couple praying handsWhen working with couples, we talk with them about numerous issues that will impact their marriage, such as their communication and conflict-resolution styles, family-of-origin, finances, expectations and more.  Another topic we discuss is their spirituality.  This is one of those bonders in marriage, that over time, will either pull you together or pull you apart.  A specific question we ask is, “Do you pray together?”  Some do; some don’t.  Some couples would like to, but they tell us they just don’t feel comfortable praying audibly.  We explain to them they don’t have to pray out loud.  We encourage them to start out by trying to set a time aside, perhaps right before they go to sleep or depart, to agree to pray together.  We ask them to hold hands and pray silently for one another, their marriage and anything else that’s on their hearts.  Then, when they are finished, just squeeze the other’s hand or say “Amen.”  Many tell us this is such an intimate experience and it begins a pattern of a new prayer life for them.  If you have ever hesitated praying together, we hope you will try this.  We would love to hear how this worked for you.

Grace and peace,

Penny and David


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