Shake it off with humor

shutterstock_134637419 couples collideWe have been on a little rest and relaxation trip.  When on vacation, my husband normally gets up before I do and heads to the pool.  He left a note saying, “I’ve got everything.” Therefore, I was a little puzzled when I found two bottles of water still on the counter.  So I figured he had forgotten them  and took them out with me when I was ready to join him.

As I was walking toward him, he started shaking his head and I could tell by his expression he was irritated. “I told you I had everything!”

“Well, why  were these (bottles of water) on the counter?”  I asked.

“Oh, I guess I forgot them.”

I was tempted to give him back the same attitude, but instead I just touched one of the bottle to his stomach.  He laughed.  This humor broke what could have been a very different outcome.

Humor can be a great tool to limit emotional stress or prevent a situation from escalating  But know the person and exercise common sense.  Not everyone responds to humor so use it in the right moment and the right way.



The Wedding Day

Older Couple Hugging at Beach

Saturday, February 7 we will have been married 45 years.  When we stood at that altar in Louisville, KY we had no idea what we were committing to.  We heard what the minister was saying, but didn’t really understand what we were signing up for.

No one warned us that couples can go through something called the “misery stage.”

They failed to explain what Dr. Stanley outlines in his book, Heart of Commitment .

  • Commitment Involves Choices – often hard choices.  There’s a cost to commitment.
  • Commitment is about Sacrifice – Becoming other-centered.
  • Commitment is making your marriage a priority and investing in your marriage.  It’s about seeking out services/help if it begins to break down.
  • Commitment means giving up some other options and protecting others – especially true when the path you are on gets rocky.
  • And commitment involves grieving some losses – being committed hurts at times.  People change over time.  Your mate may not be who you thought he/she was when you said “I do.” You have a choice. You can punish and resent your spouse for changing your dream or become more accepting.  There are some things your mate may never be able to meet.

If I had known then what I know today, would I still say, “I do.”  Yes, but I would be so much better prepared for this journey called marriage.



When You Are Sick and Tired

taking-care-of-spouse I’ve been sick. I was in the hospital for two days. It’s been a long time since I remember feeling so horrible. I want to brag on my husband. He was there every step of the way. He took me to the hospital at 3:30 a.m., sat by my side, prayed for me and with me. He kept the kids informed as we were thousands of miles away from them. Even though I was so sick I couldn’t hardly hold my head up, my love for him was huge at that time. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Just know how you take care of your spouse during an illness, will speak louder than you can imagine.