Let It Go!

shutterstock_96578368It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, sometimes you are just not going to understand that person’s actions. This happened the other day.  My husband and I have known one another for 50 years.  We are having a radon system put into our home and my husband worked himself in a frenzy pulling tons of things out from the walls so the radon man could get to the cracks in the floor to seal them.  Our basement now looks like a hoarder’s house with everything piled in the middle.  The puzzling thing, however, is each time I went to the basement every light in the place was on.  It’s not like one switch does the job.  You literally have to go around this maze of stuff and pull eight little strings to get all the lights on.  I would turn the lights off and the next time I went down they were on again.  So I figured my husband must be turning them on for a reason.  So I asked him.  His answer was “The radon man is coming Tuesday.”  “Yes, but this is Thursday.  Do you want to leave them on until then?” I asked.  He just shrugged his shoulders. “If you want to turn them off you can,” was his next reply.  Okay.  My husband is a smart and rational guy but this was one of those times when his reasoning just didn’t add up.   So I thought, “Just give him grace, and let it go.  Let it go!  Let it go!”  My next thought was hurry radon man as some of the gases may be seeping into my husband’s head.

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