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The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY’s) Lending Library

The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY), has hundreds of books, audio tapes, DVD’s, magazines and pamphlets, about marriage, available to you. Please feel free to come in and visit. Some resources can be checked out; others may be viewed on site.

Please call ahead (502)  939-0121.

Because many resources have been borrowed and not returned, we have had to institute a new policy regarding lending material. Effective immediately, all materials available for check-out, will require a returnable deposit. Following is a list of the resources that are available.

Books Available Through The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY)’S Lending Library

Author – Book

Abraham, Laurie – The Husbands and Wives Club

Akin, Daniel – God on Sex: The Creator’s Ideas About Love, Intimacy and Marriage

Alberti, Fischer – Rebuilding – When Your Relationship Ends

Aldrich – Men Read Newspapers, Not Minds

Aldous, Joan  – Family Careers – Rethinking the Developmental Perspective

Andrews & Andrews Husbands and Wives – The Best of Friends*

Arps – Dates for You and Your Mate

10 Dates for Mates

10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters (DVD)

10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage (DVD)

The Second Half of Marriage

Arterburn, Stephen – Every Heart Restored -A Wife’s Guide to Healing in the Wake of a Husband’s Sexual Sin

Every Man’s Battle

Every Man’s Marriage and workbook

Every Young Woman’s Battle

Every Woman’s Desire

Healing is a Choice

The 7 Minute Marriage Solution

Arthur, Kay – A Marriage Without Regret (2)

As Silver Refined – Learning to Embrace Life’s Disappointments

Arvin, Kay K. – 1 + 1 = How to Have a Successful and Happy Christian Marriage

Bach, George & Wyden, Peter-The Intimate Enemy

Ball, Ron –  How to Have a Happy Home

Bartkowski – Remaking the Godly Marriage*

Baker – Value Your Mate*

Barbour – Crazy About My Wife

The Bible Promise Book

Barnes – Intimate Meditations for Couples

Banks, David – Draw Me Close

Beatte, Melody – Co-Dependent No More

The Language of Letting Go – Daily Meditations on Codependency

Bell, James – Christian Family Guide to Married Love

Bell, Rob-Sex God:Exploring the Endless Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality

Bell, Steve & Valerie – Made to Be Loved

Bender – Recreating Marriagre With the Same Old Spouse

Bienefeld – Do It Yourself – Conflict Resolution for Couples*

Billheimer, Paul – Don’t Waste Your Sorrows

Blackburn – Caring in Times of Family Crisis

Briscoe, Jill – Women in the Life of Jesus

Block, Don & Anne – Sailing the Seven C’s of Marriage*

Blue, Ron – Master Your Money

Boone, Shirley & Pat-The Honeymoon is Over

BNA Communications – Choices – 3 VHS videos

Brandt, Henry – When You’re Tired of Treating the Symptoms. . .

Brazelton  – Families: Crisis and Caring

Brister – Life Under Pressure

Dealing With Stress in Marriage – pamphlet*

Brookwood Church  – CD’s:  Communicating to Encourage Closeness

Connecting Through Shared Faith

God’s Plan for Marriage

Language of Love

The Big “D”

Brown, Steve – Overcoming Setbacks

Bruner and Stoope – It Starts at Home

Burkett – Financial Freedom

Making Ends Meet*

Burns & Whiteman – The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook

Butterworth, Bill-New Life After Divorce

Carder, Dave – Close Calls

Torn Asunder – Surviving Infidelity

Carlson, Dwight, M.D. – Overcoming Hurts and Anger

Chafin, Kenneth – Is There a Family in the House

Chambers, Mae/Erika – Can My Marriage Be Saved

Chapman, Gary – Desperate Marriages

One More Try

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages of Apology

The Love Languages of God

Five Signs of a Loving Family

Hope for the Separated

101 Conversation Starters for Couples*

Loving Solutions – Overcoming Barriers in Your Marriage

The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

Toward a Growing Marriage*

When Sorry Isn’t Enough – Revised copy of The Five Love Languages of Apology

Chapman, Steve – Married Lovers – Married Friends

Annie  – What Husbands and Wives Aren’t Telling Each Other

Carder, Henson – The Secret of Your Family Tree

Cherry, Debbie – Discovering the Treasure of Marriage*

J. T. Chick – The Marriage Mess

Clark, Chap – The Next Time I Fall in Love

Clarke, David, Ph.D-I Don’t Love You Anymore

Honey We Need to Talk

Clinton – The Marriage You Always Wanted*(2)

Before a Bad Goodbye

God Attachment:  Why You Believe, Act and Feel the Way you Do About God

Cloud & Townsend – Boundaries – Face-to-Face

Boundaries – When to Say Yes/When to Say No

Boundaries In Marriage and Boundaries in Marriage Workbook

Cloud & Townsend-God Will Make a Way

Coleman – The Marriage Makeover

Colon, Jeff  – From Ashes to Beauty

Congo,David & Janet  – Lifemates

Conway, Jim & Sally  – Your Marriage Can Survive a Mid-Life Crisis

Coughlin, Paul &Sandy – Married But Not Engaged

Courtney, Camerin & Hertz, Todd-The Un Guide to Dating

Crabb  – Men and Women, Enjoying the Differences*

Bring Home the Joy – with additional authors – Kevin Leman, Parrotts, Gary Smalley, Roger Tirabass and Neil Clark Warren

How to Become One With Your Mate

The Marriage Builder

Dr. Mark Crawford – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: The Mind That Won’t Quit

Covey, Stephen – VHS:

First Things First (12 minutes)

The Seven Habits Video Illustrations:

I Know Just What You Mean

The Law of the Harvest (Reap What you Sow)

Survival/Revival (Taking a Break)

Mauritius (Strength in Diversity)

Stone (Principles)

Q 11 Firefighters (World Class)

Discovery of a Character (Transcending Problems)

A Pretty Close Second (Conflict)

Cross, Clay & Renee – I Surrendered All – Rebuilding a Marriage Broken  by        Porn

Crossman –  Money and Your Marriage

Cunningham Ted – Challenging the Unnecessary Delay of Marriage

Curtis, Brent & John Eldredge – The Sacred Romance – Book and workbook

Cutler, William, M.D. – Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Family Building, Fact, Fallacy and Faith

Embracing Intimacy in Marriage – DVD

Davis, Michelle-Weiner – Changing Her Man*

Divorce Busting*

Divorce Remedy*

Sex-Starved Marriage

Dayton, Howard –  Your Money Counts

Money and Marriage God’s Way

Deal, Ron – The Smart Stepfamily (dvd and book and participant’s guide)

Building a Successful Stepfamily

Building Smart Stepfamilies – How Churches Can Help (DVD)

Help for Stepfamilies – CD Focus on the Family

Preparing Couples with Children for Remarriage

Seven Steps to Stepfamily Success (DVD)

The Smart Stepdad

The Smart Stepmom

The Smart Stepfamilies:  Issues, Trends and Intervention 2013

Decker –  For Love and Money*

Dobson, James – Love for a Lifetime

Love Must Be Tough

Marriage Under Fire

Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women

Doherty, William – Take Back Your Marriage

Downs, Tim & Joy – Fight Fair

One of Us Must Be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You.

Downer, Phil & Suzy – Optimize Your Marriage*

Unlimited Partnership

Drescher – You Can Know it’s True Love pamphlet*

Dyer – The Language of Married Love*

Eggerich, Emerson – Love and Respect (Book and Workbook)

Eldredge, John – The Sacred Romance – Book and workbook – DVD series

Walking the Dead

Elliot, Elisabeth-What God Has Joined-Divorce The Children

Emswiler Sharon Neufer – The Ongoing Journey:  Women and the Bible

Endrie, Paul and Patti – Glue

Engel & Gould – The Divorce Decisions Workbook

Eppinger, Paul & Sybil – Every Minister Needs a Lover (Just Be Sure It’s Your Spouse)

Ethridge – Every Woman’s Battle

Evan, Jimmy – The Blessed Marriage – DVD & audio

Strength-based Marriage

A Marriage Vision – DVD & audio

Blended Families – DVD & audio

Do You Want to Know God? – DVD & audio

Lifelong Love Affair

The Grace Solution – DVD & audio

Strength-based Marriage

When You Need a Miracle – DVD & audio

I Am Joseph – DVD

Evans, Tony – Marriage Matters

Falwell, Jerry Dr. – The How To Book – God’s Principles for Mending Broken Lives

Farrar, Steve – Anchor Man

Farrels – Men are Like Waffles – Women are Like Spaghetti

Ferguson – Intimate Encounter

Feldhahn, Shaunti – For Women Only – The Inner Lives of Men

The Kindness Challenge

Finner-Williams, Paris & Williams, Robert – Single Wisdom


FIREPROOF Couple’s Guide

FIREPROOF Guide 6-DVD Sessions, Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guide

Focus on the Family – The Passionate Marriage

Focus on Marriage DVD-(Beth Moore,Gary Thomas, Gary Smalley, etc…)

Ford – When a Man Loves a Woman ( Pursuing Her Heart)

Frydenger – The Blended Family*

Fuller, Cheri  – When Couples Pray

Gafni, Lillian – Living a Blissful Marriage

Gallagher, Kathy – When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart

Gallagher, Steve – A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict

Create in Me a Pure Heart

At The Alter of Sexual Idolatry

Gardner, Dr. Tim  – 5 Keys to an Incredible Marriage

Garland, Diana – Covenant Marriage Workbook

Garrett – The Newlywed Handbook

Gaither Marriage – Questions Women Ask

George, Jim & Elizabeth  – Powerful Promises for Every Couple

Girulli & Lanham – Pregnancy After a Loss

Glahn, Sandra – Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Glass, Shirley – Not “Just” Friends

Godek, Gregory – 1001 Ways To Be Romantic*

1001 More Ways To Be Romantic

Gorman, Julie – What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage

Gorman, Greg and Julie – Two are Better Than One – God Has a Purpose for Your Marriage

Gottman & Silver – The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work*

Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

Graham, Billy – Till Armageddon – A Perspective on Suffering

Graham, Ruth – In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart – Hope for the Hurting

Gray, John Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus (book & audio)

Mars and Venus in Touch

Mars and Venus Starting Over

Gries  -Sex 101

Griffin, Lib Uzzell – The Mirth and Misery of Marriage

Grissom, Steve & Cheryl – Divorce Care

Grollman – Talking About Divorce and Separation – with children

Hackett, Keith – Couples and the Art of Playing

Hall, Laura – An Affair of the Mind – Devastation of Pornography

Harbour, Hardin & Sloan – Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook

Harris, Patricia-Imprisoned by Secrets of the Heart

Harley, William – Fall in Love – Stay in Love

Love Busters

His Needs/Her Needs – Book and Audio & DVD

His Needs/Her Needs for Parents

I Promise

Preparing for Marriage That Will Last a Lifetime

Mom’s Needs/Dad’s Needs

Surviving an Affair

The One – A Field Guide to Relationships that Last

Harris, Josh – Boy Meets Girl – Say Hello to Courtship

Not Even a Hint – Guarding Your Heart Against Lust

Hart, Dr. Archibald – Evil, Sin and Suffering

Harvey, Donald – The Spiritually Intimate Marriage

Hawk – Family Enrichment in Your Church*

Hawkins – Money Talks*

Tarnished Rings*

Heald – Loving Your Husband

Loving Your Wife

Health Communication- Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul

Helm & Helm – Great Expectations – A Guide for Your First Years

Hendricks, Howard & Jeanne – Heaven Help the Home

Husband and Wives (A Compilation of Authors)

Hendricks, William – Rocking the Roles – Building a Win-Win Marriage

Hemfelt, Robert – Love is a Choice

Herring – Discovering God’s Purpose for Families pamphlet*

For This Cause – The Priorities of Marriage*

Hershey – Intimacy: The Longsigs of Every Human Heart*

Hester – Christian Sex Education*

Hocking, David & Carole – Romantic Lovers

Hollis Preventing Divorce – pamphlet*

Hudson, Penny – Coupletime Manual for Leaders and numerous articles

Hughes, Jim – C Through Marriage-Revitalizing Your Vows

Hunt, Gladys-Focus on Family Life

Hunt, June-Blended Family-God’s Recipe for Success

Keeping Your Cool When Your Anger is Hot

Hybells Marriage – Building Real Intimacy workbook*

Hunter, Frances-My Love Affair W/Charles

Ingram, Chip – Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships

Innes – How to Mend a Broken Heart

Jakes, Bishop, T.D. – The Good Samaritan

Jackson, Mark – Marriage Is God’s Plan – Responsibilities of Husbands and

Wives, Marriage & Divorce, How to Find a Wife – DVD’s

    Jeffress, Robert

-When Forgiveness Doesn’t Make Sense

Jennings, Timothy – The Brain, God and Everyday Life

Jones, Thomas – When You’re Single Again

Johnson, Judith, Rev.  – The Wedding Planner

Jenkins – Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It* (2)

Jordon, Farris – Bonded Together in Love-Singles Rebuild Relationships

Johnson, Dr. Sue –  Hold Me Tight-Seven Conversations for a Lifetime

Jones,Thomas-Sex and Love-When Your Single Again

Jordon, Larry & Rebecca – Marriage Toners

Jordon, Stanley & Markhum – Becoming Parents*

Joy, Donald and Robbie – Two Become One – God’s Blueprint for Couples

Kaiser, Cecily – If You’re Angry and You Know It – Scholastic Book for Children

Keener, Craig – Paul, Women and Wives

Kellerman, Lois – Marriage From the Heart

Kelly, Matthews – The Seven Levels of Intimacy

Keirsey & Bates – Please Understand Me*

Kelsey, Allen – Strength-based Marriage

Kendall, R T. – Total Forgiveness

Kendrick  – The Love Dare

A Year of Devotions for Couples*

Kennedy, James, Ph.D – Beginning Again

Kenworthy,George – Before the Last Resort

Keysor, Charles W.-Forgiveness Is a Two-Way Street

Killinger, John  – Christ and the Seasons of Marriage

Kington, Kenn – Rediscovering Super Husband and Wonder Wife

Kesler – Is Your Marriage Really Worth Fighting For

Kellerman, Grace Verbal Abuse – Healing the Hidden Wound

Kindig – Goodbye Prince Charming

Kohn & Moffitt – A Silent Sorrow – Pregnancy Loss

Kraftsky, Jason – Facebook and Your Marriage

Krantzler – The Seven Marriages of Your Marriage

Laaser, Deb – Sexual Brokeness and Infidelity

Ladies Home Journal-Editors Can This Marriage Be Saved?*

Lafoon, Jay and Laura – He Said / She Said

LaHaye – Opposites Attract-Bringing Out the Best in Your Spouse

What Love Making Means to a Woman

The Act of Marriage

Landrum, Nancy – How to Stay Married and Love It

    Lane, Tim &amp

; Tripp Paul – Relationships:  A Mess Worth Making

How People Change

Lanford, Jim –  Remarriage and The Blended Family

Lanham, Tommy – Goals:  Godly, Objectives, Assuring, Lasting, Significance

How to Speak to Weird People – Communication for Different Styles

Larson, Jeffrey – The Great Marriage Tune-Up Book

Lawrence & Lawrence  – Your 30-Day Journey to Being a Great Wife

Leal III, Bento C. – Four Essential Keys to Effective Communication

Lee – A Scruffy Husband is a Happy Husband

Lee, Edward – Elevate Your Marriage*

Lee & Oliver – Trust Builders

Leman – Becoming a Couple of Promise

Living in a Stepfamily without Getting Stepped on

Sex Begins in the Kitchen

Lepper, John – When Crisis Come Home*

LeSourd, Leonard – Strong Men/Weak Men

Lester – Coping With Your Anger*

It Takes Two – The Joy of Intimate Marriage

Lewis, C. S. – Surprised by Joy

Lindsay, Homer Dr. – Sex and the American Home

Littaver, Fred & Florence – Daily Marriage Builders for Couples

Littleton – Submission is for Husbands Too

Love, Pat – Hot Monogamy*

Lush, Jean-Counseling for Stepparents (CD)

Lutzer – The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage

Lucado, Max – Number of Hope

Mace, David – Close Companions

Getting Ready for Marriage

Mahaney, C. J. – Sex, Romance and The Glory of God

Malz, Betty-Making Your Husband Feel Loved

Mark, Dr. – Sexual Brokeness and Infidelity

Markum, Stanley & Blumberg – Fighting for Your Marriage*

Marshall, Megan-The Cost of Loving

Marshall, Sharon – When a Friend Gets a Divorce

The Cost of Loving

Martin, Frank – Lifelong Love Affair

Matthews & Hubbard – Marriage Made in Eden*

May, Sharon Morris, Ph.D  – Emotion Focused Therapy

Life, Love and Lasting Relationships

Mayo, Mary Ann – Caution:Sexual Choices May Be Hazardous. . .

MacDonald, Gordon – Magnificent Marriage

Ordering Your Private World

McElroy, Jeff & Debbie – Communication, Conflict Resolution and Intimacy – Videos

McGee & McGee – Celebrating Sex in Your Marriage*

McKain, Colleen & Chris-It’s His Show

McManus, Mike – Insuring Marriage – pamphlet*

Living Together – Myths, Risks an d Answers

Marriage Savers*

McMinn, Gordon-Choosing to be Close

Means, Marsha – Living With Your Husband’s Secret Wars

Meier, Paul M.D. – Don’t Let Jerks Get the Best of You – Advice for Dealing with Difficult People

Messer, Judy- To Know Him Is To Love Him (She was a Christian – He wasn’t)

Meyer, Joyce – The Root of Rejection

Miller, Keith-Please love Me

Minirth, Frank & Paul – Love is a Choice

Mintle, Linda Ph.D – Fear and Anxiety – A Clinical Update

Moore, Beth-Get Out of that Pit

Moore, David – Love for a Lifetime audio tapes:

“Love for a Lifetime;” “He Said/She Said;”

“Why Women Are Wierd and Men a Mess;” “Anatomy of An Affair;”

“Rebuilding Your Relationship;”

“How to Keep the Fires Burning”; “His Needs, Her Needs, Our Needs”

Monroe, Myles – Single, Married, Separated,

Live After Divorce

Morgan, Kuykendall – Children Change a Marriage*

Morgan,Marabel – Total Guy*

Morgenstern, Michael – A Return to Romance

Morley – The Man in the Mirror

The Seasons of Crisis and Renewal

The Season of Suffering and Success

Neal, Connie – Holding onto Heaven, While Your Friend. . .

Munroe, Myles-Single, Married, Separated, Life After Divorce

Navigators-Husbands & Wives-God’s Design for the Family

Nelson, Tommy – Dream Team – The Power of Two

The Book of Romance

Song of Solomon

Newman – Then God Created Woman

Newman, Deena – Growing in Love ( Devotional)

Norwood, Robin-Women Who Love Too Much

Nowell, Glenn – Anger, Hurt and Resentment

Oglilvie, Lloyd – Making Stress Work for You

Olsen, David & Amy – Empowering Couples*

Olson, Ken – Real Men Do

    Oglesby, Joyce

    > – Keeping His Pants On Until He Gets Home

    Economic Romance-30 Ways for Lovin’ on a Shoestring Budget

    Turning Her on & Keeping Her Heart

    Omartian, Stormie – The Power of a Praying Wife

    The Power of a Praying Husband

    Osterhaus – Questions Couples Ask Behind Closed Doors

    Otto – Marriage and Family Enrichment*

    Page, Palmer, Bethany, & Scott  – When Talking is Not Enough

    First Comes Love, Then Comes Money- (A Couples Guide to Financial Communication)

    Parrotts – High-Maintenance Relationships

    Love Is. . .Meditations for Couples on 1 Corinthians 13

    Love Lists (Love Talk Starters)

    Love Talk:  Speak Each Other’s Language Like Never Before

    Proverbs for Couples

    I Love You More*

    Questions Couples Ask (Trading Places book and workbook)

    The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring*

    The Control Freak – Coping with Those Around You.  Taming the One Within

    When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages

    Your Time- Starved Marriage

    Paterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzer – Crucial Conversations

    Patton, Floss – Breaking the Anger Cycle

    Pederson, Stephanie –  KISS (Keep It Simple Series)-Guide to Planning Wedding

    Penners – Gift of Sex

    Restoring the Pleasure*

    Sex 101

    Perkins, Bill – When Good Men Are Tempted

    Peterson – The Myth of the Greener Grass

    Peterson, Allan – The Marriage Affair

    Petherbridge, Laura-When your Marriage Dies-Answers to Questions About Separation & Divorce

    Phillips, Carolyn-Our Family Got a Stepparent

    Piper, John-This Momentary Marriage

    Powell – Holding Out for True Love

    Rabey  – The Snare-Under Emotional & Sex Entanglements

    Raffel – Should I Stay or Go

    Rainey, Dennis & Barbara – Stepping Up – A Call to Courageous Manhood

    Building Your Mate’s Self-Esteem*

    Moments Together for Couples*

    Rekindling Romance

    Lonely Husbands/Lonely Wives

    Loneliness in Marriage (audio)

    Building teamwork in Your Marriage

    Building Up Your Spouse

    Growing Together In Christ

    Improving Communication

    Mastering Money In Your Marriage

    Managing Pressure in Your Marriage

    Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage

    Ramsey – Financial Peace*

    CD:  Lesson 2 of 13 – Relating With Money

    Money and Life

    Reisser, Paul C.  -Your Spouse Isn’t the Person You Married

    Renfroe  – Songs in the Key of Solomon

    Rhode, Naomi – Marriage-A Celebration of Unity and Uniqueness(audio)

    Rodgers – Soul-Healing Love*

    Rodriguez, Rev. Samuel – The Agenda of the Lamb

    Roney, Carley – Guide to Wedding Vows & Traditions

    Rosberg  – Do It Yourself Relationship Mender

    Divorce-Proof Your Marriage*

    Rosenau, Dr.  Douglas – A Celebration of Sex

    Ross, Michael & Tiffany – The Little Book of Great Dates for Mates

    Choosing to Love Again – Restoring Broken Relationships

    Ross, James Robert – My Marriage Manual

    Ruhnke, Ron – For Better and For Ever-Resource for Marriage Prep

    Russell, Bob – Marriage by the Book

    Go for the Gold (audio)

    Salt, J.S. – How to Be the Almost Perfect Wife

    How to Be the Almost Perfect Husband

    Sanders, Oswald – Facing Loneliness – The Starting Point of a New Journey (2)

    Sanford, John & Paula-Restoring The Christian Family

    Schaumburg, Harry Dr. – False Intimacy-Understanding Struggle of Sex Addiction

    Schmitz, Building Love that Lasts

    Sell, Charles & Virginia – Spiritual Intimacy for Couples

    Serb, Ann Toland  – Mother-in-Law

    Shedd, Charlie – Letters to Karen (On Keeping Love in Marriage)

    Sheehy, Gail – Passages

    Sheridan, James – A Blessing for the Heart

    Shook ,Kerry & Chris-Love at Last Sight-30 days to grow & deepen your closest relationships

    Shultz, Justin – Affirming Your Spouse (tape from workshop)

    Dr. Gary Sibey – Attacments:  Unlocking the Secret to Loving and Lasting Relationships

    Slattery, Julianna Dr. – Beyond the Masquerade – Unveiling the Authentic You

    Smalley, Gary and/or Greg  – DNA of Relationships

    Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage*

    For Better or Best – Understand Your Man

    How to Become Your Husband’s Best Friend

    I Promise-How 5 Commitments Determine the Destiny of Your Marriage

    If I Only Knew

    If Only He Knew – What No Woman Can Resist

    Joy that Lasts

    Life, Love and Lasting Relationships

    Love is a Decision

    Loving Each Other for Better or Best

    Making Love Last*

    Making Love Last Forever

    One Flame-How to Weather Five Winds in Marriage

    The Joy of Committed Love

    The Language of Love*

    The Marriage You’ve Always Dreamed of

    The Two Sides of Love

    Your Marraige Can be a Honeymoon Again (audio)

    Winning Your Wife Back Before It’s Too Late

    Home Of Honor – VHS Series:

    Keys To Reducing Conflict

    Barriers To Intimacy

    Destroying Intimacy

    Changing Behaviors and Habits


    Energize Your Mate

    Divorce Proof Marriage

    Sexual Intimacy

    Stages of Life & Understanding Key Changes

    Smith, Debra White – 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage

    Smith, Joshua – God Attachment:  Why You Believe, Act and Feel the Way You do About God

    Smith, Joyce Marie – Understanding Your Emotions

    Smith, Tim  – Learning to Live with the One you Love

    Smoke – Growing Through Divorce

    When Couples Pray Together

    Snyder – Happily Married Opposites

    Southerland, Mary – Hope in the Midst of Depression

    Sortor, Toni – 365 Daily Devotions for Couples*

    Stanchfield, Wilma-Struck by Lightning Then by Love

    Stanley – Heart of Commitment

    A Lasting Promise – Revised

    Stanley, Andy – I Marriage (DVD and workbook)

    Staying in Love – DVD and Participant’s Guide

    When Work and Family Collide

    Stanley, Trathen  – Like a Tree Planted By The Water(Prep Prayer Journal)

    Stanton, Glenn-My Crazy Imperfect Christian Family

    Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor

    McCain & Bryan – A Lasting Promise*

    Stedman, Mike & Mary – Marriage on The Run

    Stewart, Suzanne-Divorced

    Stoop – The Intimacy Factor

    When Couples Pray Together

    Strach – Until You Say I Do

    Strobel, Lee & Leslie – Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch

    Straub, Dr. Josh and Christi – 10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage

    Swihart, Judson-How Do Say, “I Love You”

    Swindoll, Charles – Strike the Original Match

    Secrets of Your Family Tree-Healing for Adult Children

    Talley – Reconcilable Differences*

    Life After Divorce

    Life After Divorce-A Single Mother’s Guide

    Tanner, Deborah – You Just Don’t Understand-Women/Men in Conversation

    Thatcher, Floyd & Harriett – Long-term Marriage  – A Search for the Ingredients of a Lifetime Partnership

    Thoele, Sue Patton  – Heart-Centered Marriage

    Thomas, Angela-My Single Mom Life

    Thomas, Gary – Sacred Marriage

    Tomczak, Larry-Straight forward-Why wait till Marriage?

    Tournier, Paul – To Understand Each Other

    Towns, Ruth & Elmer – Joined Together

    Trent, John – Building a Great Marriage

    Treat, Casey & Wendy Relationships – The Foundation of a Rich Life (video)

    Tripp, Paul – What Did You Expect (dvd)

    Relationships-a Mess Worth Making

    Tripp, Paul & Lane, Timothy-How People Change

    Turnball, Bob & Yvonne  – Team Mates*

    Vander Klok, Duane-Get the Junk out of Your Trunk

    Vernick, Leslie-How to Live Right When Your Life Goes Wrong

    Wagner – Strategies for a Successful Marriage – Men

    Walterstein – Second Chances

    Warren – The Triumphant Marriage

    The Purpose Driven Life

    Warrener’s, Diane – The Complete Book of Wedding Vows

    Weiner- Davis – Michele – Divorce Busting* – see under Davis

    Weiss, Douglass – Intimacy – A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships

    Wheat, Ed – Love Life for Every Married Couple*

    Intended for Pleasure

    The First Years of Forever (book on tape)

    White, Debra – 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage

    Wilke-Jackson – When We Can’t Talk Anymore

    Williams, Joe & Michelle – Yes, Your Marriage Can be Saved

    Williams, Mike – Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus*

    Williams, Pat & Jill – Rekindled

    Restoring a Broken Marriage (audio)

    Dr. Bruce Wilkerson – The Dream Giver

    Wilson, Adams – Marriage Matters

    Keeping the Holy in Matrimony

    Winseman, Albert – Living Out of Your Strengths (book and wkbk)

    Woodhouse, Collins & Blakeman – Divorce and Money

    Wright, Norman – Before You Say ‘I Do:’ A Marriage Prep Manual for Couples

    Making Peace with Your Partner

    Up Close and Personal


    Making Your Love Last Forever

    Quiet Times for Couples*

    The Complete Book of Wedding Vows

    Wright & Oliver – How to Change Your Spouse Without Ruining. . .

    Yagel – 15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage

    Yerkovich – How We Love

    Young, Ed – Romancing the Home

    The 10 Commandments of Marriage

    Zacharias, Rave – I, Isaac, Take Thee Rebekah

    Zigarelli, Michael – Freedom from Busyness – DVD

    Zigler, Zig – Goals – Setting and Achieving

    Keeping Romance in Your Marriage (audio)

    Message of Hope (audio)

    *From personal library

    Additional Audio and Videos Available for Check-Out


    Adrian Bickley – Blended Families (tape)

    BNA Communications – Choices – 3 VHS videos

    Brecheen & Paul  – Marriage Enrichment (tapes)

    Covey, Stephen – VHS:  First Things First ( 12 minutes)

    The Seven Habits Video Illustrations:

    “I Know Just What You Mean” (Listening – 11 minutes)

    “The Law of the Harvest” (Reap What You Sow – 6 minutes)

    “Survival/Revival” (Taking a Break – 6 minutes)

    “Mauritius” (Strength in Diversity – 20 minutes)

    “Stone” (Principles – 7 Minutes)

    “Q 11 Firefighters (World Class – 6 minutes)

    “Discovery of  a Character” (Transcending Problems – 12 minutes)

    “A Pretty Close Second” (Conflict – 13 minutes)


    Burns & Ruth Graham – Dealing With Your Family’s Heartbreak (CD)

    Focus on the Family – Building Intimacy in Marriage (tape)

    Reconcilable Marriages (tape)

    Romance After Marriage (tape)

    Gillogly, Harold & Bette – Connecting to the Power Source

    Experiencing Sexual Intimacy (4 part tape)

    Jackson, Mark – Marriage Is God’s Plan (CD’s)

    John Gray Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (CD and tape)

    Men, Women and Relationships (tape)

    Harley, Willard – His Needs/Her Needs (tape)

    Lauer, Robert – How to Build a Happy Marriage (tape)

    C. S. Lewis – The Four Loves (tape)

    Rick Marks – Divine Order of Marriage (CD)

    Forgiveness (CD)

    Pittman, Frank – Teaching Men Marriage (tape)

    Nelson, Tommy – Is God the Author of Sexuality? (tape)

    Real, Terrence- How Can I Get Through to You? (tape)

    Russell, Bob – Go for the Gold – Keys to Making Marriage Last:

    Realistic Expectations (tape)

    Honest Communication (tape)

    Practice Reconcilation

    Smalley, Gary – Your Marriage Can Be a Honeymoon Again (tape)

    Smalley, Michael & Amy – Seven Powerful Discoveries to Strengthen Any Marriage (CD’s)

    Smalley, Michael & Amy – The Secret to Sexual Intimacy

    Stanley, Andy – I Marrige

    Staying in Love – DVD and Participant’s Guide

    Stosny, Dennis – Power of Love (CD)

    Trent, Casey & Wendy – Relationships – The Foundation to a Rich Life (tape)

    Wheat, Ed – The First Five Years of Forever (tape)

    Williams, Pat & wife  – Restoring a Broken Marriage (tapes)

    Videos Available for Check-out

    FIREPROOF 6-DVD Sessions, Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guide (DVD)

    Focus on the Family – Viva La Difference (VHS)

    Gray, John – Women are From Mars/Women From Venus Series: (tapes)

    The Secret of Passion

    Giving and Receiving Love – Emotional Needs

    Lasting Intimacy and Fulfillment

    Improving Communication

    Understanding Martians and Venusians

    McElroy, Jeff & Debbie – Communication (VHS)

    Intimacy (VHS)

    Your Differences – God’s Design (VHS)

    Conflict Resolution (DVD)

    Husband & Wives – The Best of Friends (VHS)

    Smalley, Gary – Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship – Various Topics (VHS)

    Making Love Last Forever (VHS)

    Zigarelli, Michael – Freedom from Busyness – DVD

    Testimony on Retrouvaille

    Promotional Tapes to Weekend to Remember and Fall Festival

    The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY) has addtional audios and videos available for viewing at the center; however, they cannot be checked out. We have tapes from many professional authors on the design of marriage, communication and conflict resolution skills, preparing for marriage, enriching marriage, dealing with challenges in marriage, boundaries and intervention. We also have a series on healthy sexuality in marriage. Please call , or e-mail us, if you are interested in a specific topic.

    MERCY also offers referrals to marriage and family counselors/therapists, pastoral counselors so please let us know if we can help.

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