January 2014 Newsletter

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                January 2014 Newsletter from MERCY

Just this past week, David and I were asked to speak to some inmates at our local prison on love and commitment.  The gentleman who asked us to speak said many of the men know about love but don’t fully understand commitment.  How many of us also know about love, and perhaps commitment, but how diligent are we in putting forth the effort in showing unselfish love and demonstrating commitment to our spouse, even when it’s hard?  What’s one thing you could do this week to show love to your spouse, without expecting anything in return?
Grace and peace,
Penny and David

  Marriage Tip – “Maybe You’re Right”

This comment is very effective in diffusing an argument
and restoring hurt feelings and harmony in a relationship.

clasped-hands-sky.jpg Partnership With a Purpose

Mutual commitment can create for us a partnership that has a purpose.  Some of the most fulfilled couples we know share this sense of partnership.  Therefore, if you are into making New Year’s resolutions, why not make this part of your plan for the future.  It’s important to go beyond the normal plans of children, planning for retirement and making major purchases.  While all these are important, we need to go a step further and ask ourselves, “What purpose will our life as a couple stand for?”  What purpose will we have served?


consoling-mom.jpg                 How Long Does It Take for a Child to Recover From the Divorce of Their Parents

While there are a lot of variables that come into play when answering this question, according to Linda Ranson Jacobs, one of the forefront leaders in the areas of children and divorce and single-parent family needs, a decent time frame for children to be healed and find a true sense of normalcy would be ten years. It will take most of their growing up years to:
  • Accept the concept of divorce and their parents no longer living as one unit
  • Figure out where they belong
  • Process their own loneliness
  • Identify the flood of emotions they will feel during the divorce
  • Accept the fact that one or both parents will bring a new love into the picture.

She says, “Keep in mind that during the ten years they are growing up themselves.  They still have to go to school; make friends; develop talents and skills and learn life living skills during this time.  Ten years is really a fairly short time in one’s life to accept and process the devastation of the original birth family.”



                Couple’s Chili Cook Off- February 1


You don’t want to miss MERCY’s First Couple’s Chili Cook Off.  Bring your best pot of chili to share and see if you are this year’s Golden Ladle winner, along with a $25 restaurant gift card.  Or, maybe you will win the People’s Choice Award which also comes with a $25 restaurant gift card. While this award doesn’t come with a Golden Ladle, it comes with plenty of praise and applause. There will also be some fun and games and some clips from Mark Gungor’s video “Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage.”
Bring your couple friends and neighbors!  We think you’ll be glad you did.
February 1, 2014
Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center – Dining Hall
7505 Kavanaugh Road
Crestwood, KY  40014
Help us plan for this event, by emailing (pdhud9@aol.com) or calling us:  (502)  939-0121 and let us know if you plan to join us!

Marriage Rocks With Special Guests Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

If you are looking for an evening of music, dinner and a great message by special guest speakers, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, a husband-and-wife team who share the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships, you’ll want to attend the “Night of Romance,” at Southeast Christian Church on Friday, February 14.
The Parrotts founded the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University – a groundbreaking program dedicated to teaching the basics of good relationships.  They are fun, interactive and will bring a message that is sure to enrich your marriage.
Friday, February 14, 2014
7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Southeast Christian Church
Fellowship Hall 2
Blankenbaker Campus
Tickets are $45 per ticket – EACH ticket admits one couple.
Doors will open at 7:00 p.m.
No tickets will be sold at the door.
There is no childcare for this event
To register, go to www.southeastchristian.org and click on the link to “Night of Romance” or call or email:
Beckie Turner
(502) 253-8821

Sweetheart Dinner by WJIE

If you are looking for a wonderful evening out for Valentine’s Day, look no further than this event. Natalie Grant and Unspoken will be the musicians for the night along with a delicious meal.
Louisville Marriott Downtown
280 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Cost:  $150 per couple
For more information or to register go to:  www.wjie.org or call (502)  968-1220

Retrouvaille  Retrouvaille – Help for Troubled Marriage

Retrouvaille helps couples put the pieces back together and rebuild loving relationships.
If your marriage is tearing the two of you apart, if there is little or no meaningful communication, if you are considering separation or divorce, we believe Retrouvaille can help.
Retrouvaille begins with a weekend experience in which husbands and wives are helped to re-establish communication and gain new insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple.  In addition, the weekend is followed by a series of presentations to explore other subjects related to marriage and love, to renew your commitment and to develop additional skills.
The next weekend program in Louisville is: February 21, 2014
For additional information go to:  www.retrouvaille.org or call Breck and Linda Withers (502)  479-3329.

love and respect Love and Respect Video Conferences She craves loveHe needs respect Pink… Blue… Not wrong, not right… just different.Thanks to the Kentucky Marriage Movement, this popular video conference will be available in the following areas this winter:

January 31-February 1
First African Baptist Church
465 Price Road
Lexington, KY  40508
Cost – $15/person; $30/couple
February 7-8, 2014
Chaplin Baptist Church
5585 Lawrenceburg Road
Chaplin, KY  40012
Cost – $15/person; $30/couple
For more information or to register, call (859) 255-5400 or go to:  www.kentuckymarriage.org

laptop-couple.jpg Valentine’s Week Discount on Couple Checkup For Those Who are Married, Engaged or Dating


How would you like to do an online assessment of your relationship and get back results, along with a discussion guide, that will help you generate deep and productive conversations that you would not otherwise have.  The Couple Checkup can help to revive a relationship and increase intimacy.  It covers the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Relationship Roles
  • Affection and Sexual Relationship
  • Couple Closeness and Flexibility
  • Family Closeness and Flexibility
  • Personality

And the good news is it is on sale!  During the week up to Valentine’s Day (February 7-14), couples who visit the Couple Checkup website – www.couplecheckup.com  can take the Checkup at a discount price of $19.95 ($35 value).  We hope you will take advantage of this great deal!


In This Issue
Marriage Tip
Partnership With a Purpose
How Long Does It Take a Child to Recover From A Divorce of Their Parents
Couple’s Chili Cook Off
Marriage Rocks
WJIE Sweetheart Dinner
Retrouvaille – Help for Troubled Marriages
Love and Respect Video Conferences
Real Mom’s Conference

Real Mom’s Conference




 While we normally try to stay with specific marriage events and topics, we did want to make you aware of this conference as many of our readers are in the midst of parenthood.  And parenthood certainly impacts our marriages.  If you would like a day of renewal, equipping,and a time to be authentic and feel loved, plan on attending the “Real Mom’s Conference.”
Watch this clip to get an idea of what is in store for you.
Real Moms Conference March 7-8 at Crestwood Baptist Church
Real Moms Conference March 7-8 at Crestwood Baptist Church
$59 December 16th – January 31st
$69 February 1st – March 6th
$79 March 7th and 8th
Special Group Rates available. Contact us at info@REALmomsConference.com
to learn more.
*Rate includes a box lunch from The Red Pepper Deli.
If interested, contact MERCY at: pdhud9@aol.com or call:
 (502)  939-0121 as we have a limited number of discount tickets.
March 15, 2014 – MERCY’S First Workhop of 2014
“How to Have a More Companionship Marriage” – Penny and David Hudson
Baptist Health – Louisville, KY
2nd Floor by Cafeteria Seating Area
4000 Kresge Way
Louisville, KY  40207
Closing Remarks
I’m borrowing a quote from a friend of ours.
“The world promises ease, satisfaction, enjoyment,independence, security; and it delivers emptiness, purposelessness, fruitlessness.  God promises trials, persecutions, rejection,suffering; and He delivers peace, purpose, security ad total fulfillment.”  – John Nellis
Penny and David Hudson
The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY)
7204 Hwy. 329
Crestwood, KY  40014
Email:  pdhud9@aol.com
(502)  939-0121

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