How “Other-Centered” are You?

You have probably been asked the question, “What is the book that has most influenced your life?” Although this sounds like a Sunday School answer, the Bible for me has literally changed my life and changed my marriage.  I’m so thankful when I cried out to the Lord, He was there.  Another book and course that had a huge impact was Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People.  

Something we tell many of the couples we work with is, “You need to become other-centered.”  Humbly value others above yourself.   Christ put our needs ahead of His.  Like the Bible, Carnegie’s book encourages us to show genuine concern for others.    It tells us to ask others about themselves – their hobbies, their vacations, their pets.  Or, just say, “Tell me about yourself.”

It amazes me that so few people do this well.  But like the Bible, it can make a huge difference in your and other’s lives.


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