Communication starts early

shutterstock_285945059One complaint we often hear from couples is how negative their spouse is and how he/she comes across when talking to them.  It reminded me of something I recently heard that happened between a father and his two-year old daughter. The father said his daughter turned to him and said, “Don’t talk to me!”  In return the father explained, “You don’t talk that way to Daddy.”  Well, I over analyze everything so I started thinking is this going to communicate to her that she can’t express how she feels?  I’m afraid the issue is not so much she can’t express her feelings, but rather how she needs to express them differently.  For example, he could have shared with her, “When you don’t want to talk, say Daddy, I don’t want to talk right now.”  Or, “Daddy, I don’t feel like talking now.”  We’re thinking these type of comments would come across less offensive. Perhaps if we started telling our children, at a very young age, how to better express their feelings, we would have less adults feelings disrespected in their marriages by their spouse.

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