Benefits of Education

Benefits of Marriage Education:

Marriage Education consists of workshops, classes, weekend programs or private mentoring to help couples strengthen and enhance their marriages.

Research confirms that couples who participate in marriage education:

  • Significantly improve their communication and conflict-resolution skills
  • Significantly increase their levels of marital satisfaction
  • Gain access to skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain healthy relationships

In addition:

  • Engaged and newly-wed couples receive in-depth preparation for a lifetime, not just a wedding. In-depth, pre-marital education can reduce the risk of divorce by 30%
  • Couples perceive an educational format less threatening and confrontational.
  • Fewer marriages will end in divorce, sparing couples and children heartache and stress.
  • As more marriages are strengthened, families become stronger, and consequently churches and communities become healthier.

The Marriage Education and Resource Center does not offer therapy/counseling, but can offer referrals based on needs.

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