A Little More Authentic

A woman with a counselor
I used to hate it when they would go around the room and ask us to read.  I knew I  wasn’t going to be able to pronounce some of the words. For everyone else the words just seemed to roll off their tongues.  But not me. I would attempt to pronounce the word, but normally come across as pretty dense.  So what a relief it was to know someone else struggled with this same issue. My friend recently confessed she too knew exactly how I felt.  I was not alone. I had a dense friend. No not really.  See we both learned to read by sight not phonetically as most kids learn today.  The point I’m trying to make is it helps to know we are not alone. It’s comforting to know others have felt as I felt.  This may be true for you in your marriage.  Have you ever thought you are the only one who feels the way you do sometimes about your spouse or your relationship?  If that’s the case, realize you have company. We just want you to know at MERCY you are at a safe place. We are all on a journey trying to do our best.

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